Artifacts and Links

To bring this project to life I need to do a ton of research! I have written a post outlining most of the problems I expect to encounter during the project. Now I am collecting information to address each of those challenges.

I will post some of the most notable resources directly on this page, but for a more comprehensive list please visit my annotated links document.

The Inspiration

Here is the video that really got me started on this project! David Windestål is a Swedish pilot who attempted to pilot an RC plane from space using FPV equipment. For more information, check out the project log.

I have contacted David Windestål about my own project, and will reach out him for advice throughout the process.

A short APM Thread

APM stands for ArduPilot Mega, which is an open source ATmega based autopilot. I found a short forum thread discussing the implementation of the APM in a mission very similar to my own. This will be super useful in terms of information, but it also allows me to contact people who may have some experience from similar projects. Check out the thread.

Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 10.21.45 PM

 FAA Confused about ‘Commercial’ Drone Use

An interesting article coming out of Slate Magazine, describing some recent run-ins with the FAA. 

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